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Employers Say

" SiSpL, Saiesh info solutions Pvt Ltd newly formed new gen company whose backbone is innovation to solve new age challenges."
SiSpL, Saiesh info solutions Pvt Ltd newly formed new gen company whose backbone is innovation to solve new age challenges.

Success Stories

"SiSpL is in to development of inhouse innovative products that are in to Healthcare, Retail solutions, Hiring solutions and Traffic management solutions that are from TPC, Traffic police care."

About Us

SMEsOnCloud is the baby of Saiesh info solutions pvt Ltd (SiSpL), It is the platform which connects the subject matter experts (SMEs) with the corporates where SMEs can work in their free time without leaving their regular employment. SMEsOnCloud's objectives to achieve:

  • SMEs get a chance to work for any company or corporates at their free time without leaving/revealing their regular employment.
  • SMEs are enabled to work on the latest products/technologies and also earn the extra money apart from their salary.
  • Corporates/companies get expert support for their product development at much lower cost as they dont hire them.
  • Corporates/companies dont have to compromise on the hiring of experts keeping cost in the mind just because they dont have product road map at the initial stages of the product.

We at SiSpL faced challenges in getting the right experts within our budget for many of our in house product development activities. When we did a market survey we learnt that its not just SiSpL but many others also having similar challenges. Hence SMEsOnCloud came in to existence to solve the challenges of employers facing today. Where we stand different:

  • We @ SMEsOnCloud provide an SMEsOnCloud rating to all SMEs with our rating process so that corporates can save their time on the validation of the skills of SMEs.
  • We @SMEsOnCloud offer back ground verification of the SMEs so that integrity might not be worry for the corporates.
  • We @ SMEsOnCloud provide enough legal binding to SMEs and corporates so that both of them can just bother on their roles and not be insecured.

We are confident that this platform will be used by all SMEs and corporates to work together for mutual benefits.

How it Works?

  • One step registration process
  • State your expectations upfront
  • Recruiters connect with you
  • Receive offers and select the best